The compounding effect of successful recruitment

November 15, 2017

When it comes to legal recruiting services, I often discuss with our clients that an effective recruitment strategy, particularly when it comes to students and associates, can yield significant long-term benefits to the firm, far beyond the immediate impact a star associate may have on the group.

Unlike professional sports, teams that finish at the top of the standings in private practice draft first the following year, not last.  This effectively allows the best law firms to further cement their position atop the profession, provided they remain committed to an effective recruitment strategy year after year.  And yet, we see law firms rise and fall in the market, which suggests not all are equally committed to this process. This leaves the door open for firms that may not yet be at the top of the field.

There are many tools available to firms looking to explore the steps necessary to make such a leap, including soliciting feedback from current, past, and aspirational clients and lawyers in the market on where your firm sits today, and what you may need to do to take the next step in achieving your firm’s growth objectives.

Given the success we’ve had with many of our clients, we firmly believe a legal recruitment consultant can assist in both helping you frame the discussion, while also providing the necessary tools to assist you in acquiring the right talent to achieve your firm’s goals.


Warren Smith, Managing Partner