Speaking Engagements

At The Counsel Network, we are thought leaders and advocates committed to building a better legal profession. Through our speaking engagements, we provide fresh, innovative ideas that helps law firms and legal teams paint the big picture, and give them practical tools and strategies to succeed today.


Our Expertise

We understand it’s important to know about the future, but it’s also crucial to know what you can apply now. Our expertise, cultivated over decades of successful legal recruitment experience, enables us to deliver tangible value through a variety of speaking engagements, such as webinars, workshops, training sessions, panels, and keynote speeches.


Our areas of expertise include:

  • Equity, diversity, & inclusion
  • Leadership
  • Market compensation (in-house and private practice)
  • Workplace engagement
  • Innovation
  • Career development


Our Value

Our speaking engagements are crafted and tailored to add sustained value to your organization. We are committed to delivering compelling insights that helps lawyers, management teams, practice group leaders, and other advisers to implement changes that will propel careers, teams, and organizations forward, and ultimately build success.


To ensure accessibility, we deliver consulting, coaching, and training services through a variety of in-person and virtual channels.


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