Diversity and Inclusion Services

Our Strategy

As diversity advocates and trusted advisors, we provide expert guidance, tools, and support to leadership teams to implement inclusive talent strategies that makes teams perform better. From recruitment and retention to training sessions and strategic planning, our highly specialized consultants provide pragmatic solutions for law firms and legal departments in the areas of equity, diversity, inclusion, leadership and talent development, mentoring, cultural competency, amongst many other areas.


Our Team

We believe diversity is one of our greatest strengths and are proud of our diverse and inclusive team. We lead by example, fostering both an inclusive environment for our team and by committing our time and expertise to support diverse causes in business and legal communities across the country. We incorporate diversity and inclusion into our business model and processes.


Our Experience

Our diversity strategy has been honed through years of ongoing training and development, as well as extensive involvement with various minority-based bar organizations. Our Managing Partners, Dal Bhathal and Sameera Sereda, are qualified diversity trainers and administrators of the Intercultural Development Inventory, a cross-cultural assessment used to build intercultural competence to achieve diversity and inclusion goals and outcomes.


Our Initiatives

We are proud co-founders of the Women in Law Leadership (WILL) Awards, which recognizes the outstanding contributions of women lawyers to the community and profession. We maintain close ties and relationships with equity seeking legal groups, including South Asian Bar Association, the Federation of Asian Canadian Lawyers, and Canadian Association of Black Lawyers.


Our Commitment

We are deeply committed to building a diverse and inclusive legal profession. In a rapidly changing landscape, law firms and legal departments must be committed to recognizing and maximizing the contributions of their women and racialized lawyers in order to attain, grow, and keep top legal talent that will ensure its success today and in the future.

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