Why Choose Us?

We get to know
the person behind
the resume.

Choosing to work with a recruiter at The Counsel Network is advantageous to your career in many ways.

  • As trusted advisors, we will work with you to identify your short and long term career objectives.  We will develop a long term strategy with you to help you achieve the success you deserve.  
  • As connected recruiters, we know where the best opportunities are and can lead you to them.  We often have access to unpublished positions and can share this knowledge with you. 
  • We will send your resume directly to the hiring manager.  This means your resume will likely be considered before all of the online applications have even been reviewed.  Also, since we prescreen the available pool of candidates in the market for our clients, our recommendations are considered exclusive and often preferred.
  • We give you honest advice even if that means that your best strategy might be to stay in your current job.
  • Your job search is kept confidential and we are able to maintain control of your resume.
  • We define our success by your success.

We distinguish ourselves from other legal recruitment firms in the following ways:

We treat our candidates like clients – We make it a priority to grow and maintain strategic relationships with all of our candidates.

We are trusted, honest, and knowledgeable advisors – We have a deep understanding of the law industry which includes: salary analysis, legal trends, demographical needs and knowledge of different types of professional services.

We hold confidentiality and privacy in the highest regard – All recruiters and employees of The Counsel Network handle candidate information with the utmost discretion.