Meet and greet women elected to Benchers of the Law Society of Alberta

April 13, 2018

Join us on Thursday, April 26 at Brewsters to meet the women elected to Benchers of the Law Society of Alberta.

Last fall during the bencher elections, a “Meet and Greet the Women Running for Bencher” in Edmonton took place. It was a huge success and many asked if more events could be put on going forward.

The second meet and greet will take place in Calgary on Thursday, April 26, in conjunction with the Law Society of Alberta Bencher’s meetings that are taking place this month.

Lawyers of all genders are welcome to attend. This is a great opportunity for lawyers of all years of call to meet with the women Benchers.

We have confirmed the following Benchers and Law Society staff will be attending:

  • Sandra Corbett, QC, Bencher
  • Corie Flett, Bencher
  • Cori Ghitter, Law Society Director, Professionalism & Policy
  • Karen Hewitt, QC, Bencher
  • Linda Long, QC, Bencher
  • Elizabeth Osler, Law Society Deputy Executive Director and Director, Regulation
  • Stacy Petriuk, Bencher
  • Kathleen Ryan, QC, Bencher
  • Darlene Scott, QC, Bencher
  • Margaret Unsworth, QC, Bencher

Visit the Eventbrite page for full details. Registration is complimentary.