Best of 2018: Top legal talent management tips

January 10, 2019

Help set your law firm or legal department up for hiring success in 2019 by digging into our best legal talent management posts, including the most common hiring mistakes to avoid, interview tips, and hiring strategy advice.

1.  Common mistakes hiring managers should avoid in legal recruitment – We’ve rounded up a list of the top hiring mistakes to steer clear of when you’re looking to make your next round of legal recruitment.

2. Five questions every boutique law firm should answer before making their next hire – Set your law firm up for hiring success this year – we’ve rounded up our top questions to ask before embarking on your next legal recruitment search.

3. Hiring in-house counsel? Ask these three questions when assessing candidate fit – The top three questions senior executives frequently ask when conducting interviews with in-house legal counsel candidates.

4. How to compensate an In-House lawyer: A guide to calculating in-house compensation – Discover the fundamental principles of calculating in-house counsel compensation and the factors you should consider when building compensation packages for your legal counsel team.

5. The two keys to successfully onboarding lateral recruits – When it comes to legal recruitment, there are two key elements that strongly predict whether a lateral hire will become a long-term fit with the organization. Find out what they are in this post.

6. Why you should embrace culture add over culture fit in your hiring process – How to welcome culture add as part of your hiring process and why it matters.

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