Black Lawyers’ Experiences in Canada – Study Launching Soon!

May 26, 2023


The legal profession has always aimed to uphold justice and equality, but it’s crucial to acknowledge the experience of black lawyers is distinct. While growing, literature on the unique concerns of Black lawyers and students in the legal profession remains limited.


In our blog ‘Bridging the Gap – the importance of race-based data,’ we emphasized the need for collecting, monitoring, and analyzing race-based data to track diversity and equity in the workplace. As the legal profession continues its pursuit of racial equality, it has become vital to use race-based data and implement race-conscious remedies for its advancement.


Anonymous study


We are thrilled to be working with the Canadian Association of Black Lawyers (CABL) and with the support of the TD Ready Commitment, to launch a longitudinal survey among CABL’s members and all Black lawyers across Canada. The survey will gather empirical data to capture and analyze the Black experience in the legal profession, including:


  • Job interviews
  • Work environments
  • Opportunities for advancement
  • Support from mentors/sponsorship
  • Experiences within law firms, government, public and private companies are all examined


Change and Empowerment


Survey results will provide valuable data and insight for policy-making decisions and guide initiatives aimed at promoting DEI within the legal profession. With a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by Black lawyers, law firms and legal departments can develop targeted strategies to enhance representation, provide support, and address systemic issues that hinder progress.


We encourage Black lawyers and law students to share their experiences to create a collective voice that can promote change and accountability.


To participate, please email us at