How do I network right now?

May 14, 2020

No matter the circumstances, we should always be networking. Networking is not only integral to growing both your personal and legal profile, it’s a powerful way to share information, experiences, and opinions, which can be crucial in these uncertain times. Networking is about building relationships and can sometimes involve doing something new outside of your regular routine.


As we navigate social distancing, a lot of lawyers have been wondering how to network. I try to take a positive spin on things – networking is a great way to keep up to date on the current market and stay connected with colleagues (yes, even now). The best part is that most networking can be done online.




As the preferred platform for networking professionals, LinkedIn is a fantastic platform to stay on top of the legal market, generally. Law firms and companies are providing informative and up-to-date articles and blogs about Covid-19, including potential next steps. So now would definitely be a great time to engage with these posts.


Online Communication Platforms


By now, most of us are used to video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Skype, etc. Try using these platforms to connect with people in your industry. Sometimes, a general conversation on LinkedIn can lead to a networking call. Virtual classes and events are also becoming the new normal and can lead to new connections.




Mentorship can play a huge factor in your networking efforts. Covid-19 or not, finding a good mentor should always be at the top of your ‘To-Do’ list.  A good mentor can connect you with the right resources to navigate and progress your career. For further information on mentorship, please see our blog on The Importance of Mentorship During a Pandemic.


Creative Approach


As our circumstances change, so do we. We can still connect and network, albeit in a different way. Cultivate a positive mindset about your current situation to make the most out of it. Networking does not have to just be about commenting and liking posts. Perhaps, try writing about your own unique experience with the pandemic or reaching out to a senior lawyer in your field. Be creative – you never know what will come out of it.


We can still network regardless of social distancing measures. Successful networking is about building relationships, so try focusing on what you can give, not just on what you can receive. Remember to be patient and realize that even small efforts can count.


For further information on networking, please see our blog on The Power of Relationship Networking.


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Trevin Sewell, Recruitment Associate


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