Best of 2018: Top trends in legal recruitment

January 4, 2019

What were the biggest trends in the Canadian legal recruitment industry for 2018? If you’ve followed our blog over the last year, it will come as no surprise that law firm mergers, gender parity in the legal profession, and workplace diversity all made the list.

Here’s a recap of our top posts featuring trends in legal recruitment for 2018. We cap off our list with our top predictions for in-house counsel compensation heading into 2019.

  1. Law firm mergers: increasing trend amongst smaller firms – The large majority of law firm mergers over the last ten years have involved small firms. Read what factors are contributing to small law firms deciding to take the plunge.


  1. A call to action for gender parity in the legal profession – Why the legal industry needs to take action when it comes to pay equity between male and female lawyers.


  1. A simple but effective step towards diversity in the legal profession – One step every law firm and legal department can take to achieve more diversity in the legal profession.


  1. Competition for legal talent on the rise: Another reason for progressing women in law – The challenges faced by the legal profession when it comes to attracting and retaining qualified female lawyers is nothing new – but what can be done to turn the tide?


  1. 2018 legal recruitment trends: Takeaways from our national industry conference – Recap of the top trends in the US legal industry and how they are applicable to the Canadian market from the leading North American legal recruitment association’s national conference in New York.


  1. Top four compensation predictions for in-house counsel in 2019 – Whether you are senior management or HR seeking information on compensation trends in preparation for salary discussions with your legal team, or you are in-house counsel preparing yourself for your own salary negotiations, consider our predictions for in-house counsel compensation heading into 2019.


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Christina Launay, National Marketing Manager


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