Maintaining order, in a state of disorder

April 27, 2020

Now in week five of lockdown, the initial panic over the Covid-19 pandemic has lessened; however, feelings of anxiety and uncertainty continue to loom over us. What will happen next? How will this end?


As a registered counsellor, I know developing a sense of normalcy can be key to mental and physical health, especially in times like this. We can’t control the world around us, but we can manage ourselves and our decisions.


As I reach out to lawyers, I’m always curious about their daily routines. Everyone is unique. Some go with the flow, whereas others are more routine-oriented. One of the most common questions I’ve received is: how do I maintain order, both mentally and physically, while in a state of disorder?


Here’s what works for me:


  1. Develop a routine

Having a regular routine is important in keeping your mindset positive. As you settle into working remotely, develop a regular schedule that works for you and is sustainable. I find that once I get into the swing of a new routine, my mind starts to ease, and anxious feelings start to fade.


  1. Set a personal goal

Over the last few weeks, I’ve set a personal weekly goal to connect with someone outside of my legal network. Why? Because setting and accomplishing personal goals (no matter how small) helps me grow as a person. Set a realistic daily/weekly goal – perhaps, use this time to get organized, reach out to former clients, and/or learn a new skill. As time passes, raise the goal a little higher and create new challenges to overcome.


  1. Stay connected

Connect. Connect. Connect. Whether it is with friends, family, or colleagues. Lean on your network for help and if possible, give help in return.


  1. Get fresh air

Crack open a window while you work and let some fresh air in. I find getting fresh air and sunshine (plus a little exercise) provides a sense of relief and helps me unclutter my mind.


  1. Know when to hit pause

Your mental and physical health should always be a priority, pandemic or not. Whatever your hours are – always know when to hit the pause button and put your non-working cap on. Whether it is spending time with family, going for a walk, or doing absolutely nothing, try to enjoy the things in life you may not have had time for in the past.


Now is a good time to cultivate a positive mindset, practise gratitude, and put more focus on the good things in your life. Instituting a regular routine can absolutely help you get there. Everyone has a routine that works – what works for you?


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Trevin Sewell, Recruitment Associate


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