Set and Own Your Goals for the Coming Year

January 2, 2018


Apart from mandatory annual goal-setting sessions in larger corporate and private practice environments, few lawyers take the time to set personal goals. After all, by simply practicing the law, with time and experience, there is an expectation that the average lawyer will naturally and incrementally progress in their skillset. The market affirms this principle and accepts for lawyers to proportionally increase their billable rates on an annual basis.

Many lawyers rely upon such default career growth, however, those who stand out from the pack are often more intentional about their professional development and regularly set authentically inspired goals to achieve their extraordinary results.

Do you want to take your career to new heights? How are you currently planning to reach your goals? For more information on goal setting and what lawyers can do to take full advantage of their goal setting plans, take a look at this article, Not enough emphasis placed on setting goals, on the topic.

David Namkung, Partner